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HLG 30 UVA Supplement Light

ON SALE - YOU WONT FIND A BETTER UV LIGHT OR A BETTER PRICE. Add it to your setup today and see instant increase in production and quality ! 


Tested and proven, plants respond to exposure of UVA with an increase in antioxidants / Flavonoids and other natural Sunscreen compounds in a process called Photomorphogenesis. If you dont have UVA on your plants it may be JUST what you are needing to increase the health and return - and that at a very affordable price. 

Water resistant 30 watts UVA LED BAR designed for 12 hr cycle in a 4x4 or 5x5 sqft space. Passive cooled, 24 inches with built in power supply. Bolt on installation for any HLG 550 Light - for HLG DIY Kits it has to hang (wire hangers not incl.).

Contains UVA LED 365nm + 385nm


  • 1x HLG 30 UVA Supplement Bar
  • 2 Hangers
  • Power Cord


UV hazzard



Install hanger clips on HLG 550 / HLG 600 / HLG 650 R or Scorpion using the power supply screws.

 UVA hanger

Insert UVA Bar into the hanger clips and ensure it is secure.

UVA LED for HLG 550


This light comes with AU Power cord ready to use. 

Note - For use on plant and vegetables only - do not use outside of your grow tent or area and do note use where skin or eyes to be exposed without protection. 


UVA and Increased Plant Growth, and why you need it in your grow room.

While it is true that UVA does not directly affect or increase photosynthesis. then, it does trigger some growth in your plants. What does UV light do to plants indirectly? Plants react to their environment. In nature, they adapt and overcome difficulties in their habitat, and exposing them to different levels of light sparks changes for them to adapt and overcome. UVA as well as blue light trigger photoreceptors, the main two being phototropin and cryptochrome. These cause increased chlorophyll production, larger leaves and opening the leave’s stomata to intake more CO2.

Basil, Pak choi: UVA irrigation resulted in larger leaves and overall weight

Lettuce: Increased leaf size and weight of a plant

Peppermint: Larger leaves


When Should You Use UVA Light

Early on when UVA was introduced, it was suggested in only the vegetative stage of the plant’s growth cycle. However, with UV light’s effect on leaf size, plant weight, and promoting more efficient photosynthesis, it can be now be suggested to be used throughout every growth cycle of plants moderately. Using UVA light in plants has been shown to increase yields and health of indoor plants. This combined with a great Grow light will improve your setup and return faster.