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Ionbeam S16, Full spectrum LED grow light box w light bars, Samsung LM301H EVO 16 inch length / 40.6 Cm

 This unit has been updated and now ships with Samsung LM301H EVO Diodes and a digital display schedule controller.


  • Four 16” LED bars designed for inter-canopy or supplemental lighting to boost plant yields.
  • Provides expanded light coverage to areas that your primary grow lights have trouble reaching.
  • Can magnetically mount onto your grow tent's frame or canvas using the included steel bars.
  • Utilizes Samsung LM301H EVO LEDs each rated at 3.14 µmol/J PPE for powerful lighting with unmatched efficiency.
  • Features a digital controller with ten light intensity levels and daily schedule programming.


Multi-purpose LED bar lighting designed for use as inter-canopy, supplemental, or primary grow lighting to boost light coverage. When optimally positioned, this kit will help maximize your plant’s growth and yields. Each light bar has heavy-duty construction and is IP65-rated to resist water and dust entry, enabling it to withstand humid climates. Its unibody housing and aluminum board host a row of full-spectrum Samsung LM301H EVO LEDs while also dissipating heat to extend the diodes’ lifespan. The kit includes a lighting controller, four LED grow light bars, and four steel bars that enable flexible mounting on any surface in grow tents. Includes mounting screws to be used as primary lighting in smaller grow setups. Also compatible with our humidity domes for use in seed germination and propagation applications. This product is a part of the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to unite with the AC Infinity app over WiFi to achieve your ideal environment.


Magnetically mounts on grow tent frames and canvases when using the included steel bars. Provide extended coverage to inter-canopy areas that your primary lights have trouble reaching. Each LED grow light bar is built with genuine Samsung LM301H EVO diodes, the latest in horticulture lighting technology that emits intense brightness at greater efficiency. This performance is superior to leading Samsung LM301H and LM301B LEDs, as well as Bridgelux 3030, and other previous-generation LEDs. EVO diodes help improve plant growth by emitting greater light quality and more light output per diode, with a higher blue spectrum and greater efficiency when compared to non-EVO diodes. You can also link additional grow light bars to extend your reach or add more support lighting.


This kit includes an intuitive controller that features ten brightness intensity levels with OFF, ON, and SCHEDULE modes. Its built-in port can connect to UIS controllers to integrate with other grow equipment and access dynamic climate triggers, grow cycles, and schedules. Connect to the app to control your devices from anywhere, as well as unlock advance automations, alerts, climate charts, CSV data export, and more!


To extend the cords between the lights, purchase a 12v / 5.5 mm cable extension cord. We currently dont sell these and its not directly supported.

     Comes with Australian Power cord

    Product Identification Ionbeam S16
       Manufacturer    AC Infinity Inc.
       Product Name    IONBEAM S16
       Product Model    AC-NES16
       UPC Code    819137023369
       Product and Mounting Dimensions
       Light Dimensions    16.02 x 1.08 in. (40.7 x 2.75 cm)
       Controller Dimensions    3.31 x 1.26 in. (8.4 x 3.2 cm)
       Power Cord Length    99.8 in. (253.4 cm)
       Connector Cord Length    9.1 in. (23.2 cm)
       Product Performance and Technical Specs
       Diodes    Samsung LM301H EVO
       LED Chip Count    18 per bar
       Spectrum    3000K, 5000K  
       Wattage    42 W
       Voltage    100-240V AC
       Frequency    50/60 Hz
       Controller    Dimming Schedule Controller
       Power Connector Type    Australian Power plug
       Waterproof Rating    IP65
       Operating Humidity    35 to 85% RH
       Operating Temperature    32 to 140°F
       Life Expectancy    50,000 Hours
       Product Manual
       Product Manual
       Product Manual PDF