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Best LED Grow Lights and Hydroponic Supplies

Best LED Grow Lights and Hydroponic Supplies

Quick Bloom Lights offers a quality selection of the best LED Grow Lights in Australia. Commercial and Medical Grade LED Grow Lights with optional Full Spectrum control making your grow return greater. Small time grower or large commercial operation - We deliver grow lights and extended warranty unlike anywhere else in Australia.
Any item not mentioned below carries a 1 year warranty, incl. controllers of below brands.
California LightWorks Grow Lights 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty 
AC Infinity Fans and accessories 2 years Manufacturers Warranty
Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) - Manufacturers 3 Year Warranty - Excl. DIY Kits 1 Year Warranty and HLG 65 / HLG 100 / HLG 30 UVA / HLG Saber 150 which all have 1 year Warranty.
Any warranty issues with HLG or AC Infinity will be handled by our team in Sydney. No need to send overseas for repair, all local Australia fixed and repaired/replaced.
Replace your old 600 watt HPS today and save 50% on Energy alone, and get greater yield and potency. Hydroponic or Soil Growers, We have your supplies.