About Quick Bloom Lights - LED Lights for Connoisseurs


Quick Bloom Lights opened in 2016 as an online business, with full focus and intention to bring the best LED Grow Lights to Australia.

Based in Sydney, Australia. we started off importing the California LightWorks Solarsystem LED series, promoting only this lineup till mid 2017. Since the success of the Solarsystem, we have also taken on more brand names and are now importing HLG (Horticultural Lighting Group), Optic COB LED Lights, Unit Farm and Many more to come. 

In an effort to provide our customers with more options, we expanded in July 2017 from selling only LED Grow Lights to now also selling Grow Tents, Nutrients and accessories. It is our goal, to be a one stop shop for quality, reliable and affordable products to all growers in Australia. 

Please, if you have any questions do let us know - write us directly at info@quickbloomlights.com.au