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Grodan Pro Seedling Starter Plugs - 98 Plugs per Sheet

Introducing the Grodan Pro Seedling Starter Plugs, the ultimate foundation for your gardening success. Each sheet contains 98 premium plugs, meticulously designed to foster the optimal growth of your seedlings. Grodan, a trusted name in horticulture, brings its expertise to these plugs, ensuring a perfect balance of air and moisture for healthy root development. These plugs are made from eco-friendly, rockwool material, known for its exceptional water retention and aeration properties. Ideal for a wide range of plants, the Grodan Pro Seedling Starter Plugs make plant propagation easy and efficient. Whether you're a novice gardener or a professional grower, these plugs provide a reliable and effective start for your seedlings, setting a strong foundation for robust plant growth."


  • AO 36/40, 98 plugs per sheet 
  • 10/10 seed hole (10 mm diameter, 10 mm deep)
  • AO 36/40 – Each plug is 36 x 36 x 40 mm - you get 98 plugs per sheet

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