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Add a controller to your HLG Light or other lights.

Hydro-X Environmental Control System setup


If you are like us and have been missing a controller for the HLG Lights, well, then we now have the solution for you. h

Below products will work with most Controllers, meaning it does not have to be the TrolMaster HCS-1, however we are currently suggesting the Trolmaster HCS-1 as that can control up to 200 fixtures and can integrate with other environmental monitors and controllers. We will add more controllers soon.

You will need the following for each setup :


Main Controller : 1 x TrolMaster HCS-1

1 x LMA-14 

Number of Lights X ECS-2


Meaning, if you have 5 x HLG 650 you would like to control, you would need 

1 x TrolMaster HCS-1

1 x LMA-14

5 x ECS-2

We will are preparing a video that will show how this should be connected, but you will need minimal tools and time to instal this, and connects directly to the dimmer / potentiometer on the HLG Units.

The following HLG Lights can be converted with below system:

HLG Scorpion Diablo / HLG 650 R Diablo / HLG 350 R / HLG 600 Rspec

Questions on how to connect this, let us know at