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Plant Nutrients

The Importance of Hydroponic Nutrients

One of the most vital aspects of any grow operation with regard to either aeroponics or hydroponics is the nutrients added to the system. The nutrients used should be the best you can afford, and of course here at Quick Bloom Lights, we carry the finest nutrients available. Having the proper nutrients can increase the rate of plant growth by as much as five times, this is assuming that nutrients are introduced into the system correctly. Like any other aspect of your hydroponics system nutrients must be introduced in a way that anticipates the needs of your plants. The number of plants you are growing must be kept in mind when introducing nutrients, and this is so that an unnecessary amount of additives are not introduced into the growing environment.

pH Levels

Calculating the amount of nutrients necessary to introduce into your growing environment will prevent a bad pH balance. When too high of an amount of a nutrient solution is introduced into a growing environment it can cause a bad rise in pH levels, this type of a rise will cause plants to become ill or even die. pH strips are readily available from a number of sources that are very affordable, these extremely cheap test strips need to be dipped into the water running through your system. Every plant has a slightly different desirable pH level, and this is something you should know about prior to setting up your system. Once you know the pH level you are looking for go ahead and introduce the nutrients to your growing system.

Nutrients + Hydroponics

A hydroponics system combined with state of the art growth enhancing nutrients makes for fast growing, high yielding plants that produce amazing results. If you are looking for a growing apparatus that will create high quality plants in a hurry, then you need to combine nutrients and hydroponics in the best way possible. Every plant has different needs and it is up to the grower to practice due diligence where finding out these needs is concerned; luckily, there are a number of resources available online and offline that detail how many other people have used their systems to cultivate a particular plant. A hydroponics system optimized with the best nutrients available is sure to add “fuel injection” to your grow times.

A Necessity

A hydroponics system simply cannot function without nutrients since a plant typically receives much of their nutrients through dirt alone. The addition of nutrients into your growing operation is not only a good idea, it is absolutely vital. Feeding your plants sub-par nutrients is a horrible idea, and buying them from an unreliable source can possibly injure or even kill your plants. Having an artificial growing operation is an awesome way to raise plants; however, if every part of the system is not functioning properly then there is a good chance that it will fail. Do yourself a favor, and do not skimp on the resources necessary to grow amazing plants. We stand behind all of our products, and our nutrients are no exception!