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Telos Growcast Controller

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Telos Growcast is a universal lighting controller that helps growers to save energy and grow better plants. Growcast is compatible with many existing grow lights from major manufacturers.

Wirelessly connect to Growcast and control the precise PPF output (dimming) of your grow light. Say goodbye to mechanical timers by applying on/off timing schedules with an optional sunrise and sunset feature.

Growcast doesn’t need an internet connection to work and is instead programmed locally using the secure & encrypted Telos Mesh App, available for Android and iPhone.

The device has a simple plug-and-play set up and connects directly to the existing 1-10V dimming port available on most grow lights.

To check which type of connection interface your grow light has, head over to the Growcast Compatibility List. Currently only displaying HLG lamps but most other lamps also compatible. 

**Growcast will ship with both Type 1 & Type 2 RJ11 cables**

 Full list of lights compatible is available here (note frequently updated)

Telos Growcast Features

  • Allows you to set the precise light output of your grow light (PPF)
  • It displays the amount of light hitting your canopy (PPFD)
  • Acts as a controller so you can turn the light on and off, set schedules, use a sunrise/sunset effect
  • Let's you connect up to 50 lights to a single device
  • Operates on a decentralized mesh network
  • Is controllable with your phone, and compatible with pretty much every major grow light on the market.