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Enhance Your Ventilation System's Flexibility and Savings with AC Infinity Fans and the UIS 2-In-1 Splitter

Quick Bloom Lights remains dedicated to ensuring our customers experience both cost-effectiveness and flexibility when choosing their ventilation systems. Our AC Infinity Cloudline T and S models are designed to provide optimal performance and versatility when paired with the advanced UIS Controller 69Pro.

Understanding the Cloudline T and S Models

The AC Infinity Cloudline T model comes fully equipped with the sophisticated Controller 69Pro. This advanced controller can connect up to four AC Infinity UIS products, providing an integrated, easily managed system for your environmental control.

In contrast, the Cloudline S model includes a manual speed controller for a simpler, yet effective solution. This model also offers the flexibility to be connected to the Controller 69Pro, giving you more comprehensive control over your environment if desired.

Maximising Savings and Flexibility

If your ventilation needs involve two fans but only require a single controller, consider pairing a Cloudline T model with an S model. By doing so, you can utilise the advanced Controller 69Pro that comes with the T model and add an S model without an extra controller. This combination is cost-effective and allows you to control both fans using just one Controller 69Pro.

Introducing the UIS 2-In-1 Splitter

AC Infinity continues to innovate and enhance flexibility and efficiency for our customers. The newly introduced UIS 2-In-1 Splitter is a game-changer in managing multiple devices. This 2-in-1 splitter dongle is designed to sequentially connect multiple same-type grow devices to our UIS controllers, enabling you to daisy-chain equipment like inline fans, grow lights, humidifiers, and more through a single port.

By giving multiple UIS devices access to smart controls, triggers, timers, grow cycles, and schedules, you can set synchronised smart programming and expand your grow operation efficiently. The UIS 2-In-1 Splitter is compatible with AC Infinity controllers like CONTROLLER 69 and CONTROLLER 69 PRO, ensuring a firm connection with UIS ports and connectors due to its premium cables.

The UIS 2-In-1 Splitter is perfect for synchronising various devices, including but not limited to:

  • AIRBLAZE Series – Fireplace Blower Fans
  • AIRLIFT Series – Shutter Exhaust Fans
  • AIRTITAN Series – Crawl Space & Basement Fans
  • CLOUDFORGE Series – Environmental Humidifiers
  • CLOUDLINE Series – Inline Duct Fans
  • CLOUDLIFT Series – Floor Wall Circulation Fans
  • CLOUDRAY Series – Clip-on Circulation Fans
  • IONBEAM Series – LED Grow Light Bars
  • IONBOARD Series – LED Grow Light Boards
  • IONGRID Series – Halo LED Grow Lights
  • Outlet Devices via UIS Outlet Control Plug

At Quick Bloom Lights, we are committed to providing products that deliver flexibility, performance, and savings. With the AC Infinity Cloudline T and S models, Controller 69Pro, and the newly introduced UIS 2-In-1 Splitter, you can create a ventilation system that meets your unique needs without overspending. Visit our website to explore these advanced products and find the ideal solution for your space.


This UIS 2-1 Splitter has not yet arrived to Australia but we are expecting it in soonest - update to follow. 


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