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Gain Greater Grow Room Control with AC Infinity's UIS EcoSystem

 AC Infinity Smart Controllers


Mother Nature controls outdoor growing environments, but in your grow room you must become all mighty to create the perfect growing conditions. You’ll need to adjust the temperature, irrigation, nutrient level, light, humidity, and more. It becomes a juggling act that requires a combination of knowledge, skill, and a little luck. However, thanks to tech, it doesn’t have to be so difficult.AC Infinity products put you in control every step of the way in the grow process.

Technology and automation streamline your grow operation and make it less guesswork/luck and more science. Innovative tools like AC Infinity let you take control of all aspects of your grow room. In essence, you become Mother Nature.

With a digital controller, you can further optimise AC Infinity products, so everything works together in harmony. The innovative controller even features Bluetooth connectivity (Controller 67 and controller 69) and Wifi (Controller 69P)for mobile app control of fan speed and LED grow lights (on/off and power). Connect a probe directly to the controller and place it in the middle of the tent to stay current on the grow room’s temperature and humidity. The fan will then stop and start as directed by your settings based on humidity and/or temperature. You decide what’s best for your plants and take control of the situation. All controls are placed in your hands via the mobile app when using a digital controller with the AC Infinity UIS system.

Why Do You Need a Grow Room Controller?

With grow room controllers you can automate processes and remove the risk of possible human error. The chance of problems dips substantially. Let’s explore a few of the innovations that put you in control of your grow room.

All About Grow Room Controllers

With grow room controllers, you control the environment. You can invest in a variety of controllers or go with a single all-in-one controller. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide what key areas you want to monitor before deciding which grow room controllers to invest in.


  • CO2 Controllers: Your plants need carbon dioxide (CO2) for effective photosynthesis. When growing plants indoors, most varieties require a CO2 concentration of at least 330 ppm to utilise their photosynthesis capabilities and manage to create sufficient energy.
  • Irrigation Controllers: When growing indoors, you need to irrigate your plants on schedule. An irrigation controller lets you set not only when you want your plants irrigated but how much water you want the plants to receive at a set time. Use Trolmaster Hydro-x for this setup.
  • Humidity Controllers: Maintaining the humidity level in your grow room not only encourages growth but also prevents disease. The controller will usually work with intake/exhaust fans, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers to create the optimum environment. AC Infinity Controller 69 and 69 P will help here.
  • Nutrient Controllers: Maintain when and how much essential nutrients your plants receive. You can even customise the nutrient’s ingredients.  Use Trollmaster Hydro-x for this setup
  • Ventilation Controllers: Ventilation controllers let you maintain the temperature with fans and air conditions to reduce the ambient levels. Soon to be added on Controller 69 by AC Infinity.
  • Temperature Controllers: Couple the temperature control with your cooling and heating system so you can schedule the temperature as needed. Soon to be added on Controller 69 by AC Infinity.
  • pH Controllers: pH controllers are often referred to as pH dosing systems. You can measure, adjust, and monitor the pH level in the water and soil.
  • Lighting Controllers: If you want a high-yield harvest then you’ll need proper lighting control. You can program the lighting period and set it from when you want the lights to turn on and off. Conversion kit for HLG (Horticulture lighting group) to connect to Controller 69 by AC Infinity and also Trolmaster Hydro-X.

Your grow room needs will vary depending on size and crop. You might need to invest in a specific controller, or you can go with all-in-one-grow room controllers.

The Controller 69P W. Bluetooth and Wifi

The Controller 69Pworks with Cloudray S6, the Cloudline Series and the Airlift series, along with the latest Humidifier from AC Infinity Cloudforge. The controller will allow up to 4 units being connected and controlled independently. 

The controller includes a probe with a 4 metre wire you will sit in the middle of the canopy, measuring Humidity and temperature feeding into the controller and back to you via bluetooth or wifi 24/7 also allowing for CSAV Files to be downloaded showing the room climate data over a set period of time. Set timers / Alarms and more. 
The AC Infinity APP for the controller is regularly updated and its use will continuously be expanded as the app gets upgraded in the AC Infinity UIS system.

With the controller, you’ll gain optimum control of your AC Infinity Cloud series fans / Grow lights / Humidifiers / Air conditioners and more.

The programming boasts the following:


  • Timers
  • Cycles
  • Automated triggers
  • Custom transitions
  • Scheduling
  • Minimum speed


AC Infinity Products


With the AC Infinity Cloudline series, you gain the benefit of obtaining a full package if you are looking for inline fans and climate control be it for your grow room or your garage / basement. They are easy to program and control with a Smart Design. Plus, using the EC Mix-flow technology these fans are considerably quieter than regular fans and are ideal if you are seeking a discreet system.

Take control of temperature and humidity with theCloudline duct fans and Cloudray oscillating fans. The Cloudline T offers a programmable controller so you never lose sight of what happens in your grow room such as humidity or temperature shifts. The Cloudline S series comes with a manual speed controller but a Bluetooth and Wifi Controller 67 / 69 can be added at a later date using the UIS plug all updated AC Infinity products are supplied with.


Cloudlab 844 and 866 Grow Tents

One of the key components in taking control of your grow operation is to invest in a premium grow tent. TheCloudlab 844and Cloudlab 866 grow tents feature advanced designs that foster a truly stellar climate year round so you can cultivate plants indoors regardless of the time of year or the conditions.

These premium grow tents boast the following

  • Durable frame
  • Thicker steel poles (as much as 50% thicker than other designs)
  • Suspends 2x more weight compared to other standard grow tent designs.
  • 2000D canvas that stops light leaks.
  • Diamond mylar to further reflect and amplify light inside the grow tent. Reflective floor tray.
  • Controller mounting plate with a specialised pass-through to prevent light leaks.
  • Controller added to mounting plate using built in magnet, no tie down or securing.

The Cloudlab 866,Advance Grow Tent measures 152 X 152 X 203 Cm and will hold approx 10 plants with a viewing window and two doors. Pair with the HLG Scorpion lighting for ultimate coverage and yield. 

The Cloudlab 844 Advance Grow Tent measures 122 x 122 x 203 Cm and will hold up to 8 plants with a viewing window and two side doors. Pair with the HLG Blackbird lighting for ultimate coverage and yield.



If you are ready to take a step forward in your grow operations, then you'll want to consider investing in an eco-system like AC Infinity. The expanded control adapts to help you take full charge of your AC Infinity products such s grow lights (and other lights), humidifiers, etc. to guarantee cultivation success.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the experts atQuick Bloom Lights.