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Ionframe EVO8, Samsung LM301H EVO 730 Watt, 5x5 Ft or 150x150 cm flower

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  • Features Samsung LM301H EVO LEDs each rated at 3.14 µmol/J PPE, the highest efficiency of LM301B, LM301H, and Bridgelux 3030 chips.
  • Programmed with schedule controls, sunrise/sunset dimming, and 10 brightness levels; UIS™ platform-compatible for WiFi app control.
  • Bar-style fixture with algorithmically spaced diodes optimised for even coverage, deep canopy penetration, and hotspot reduction.
  • Passive cooling LED driver is removable to balance heat dissipation; also supports daisy-chaining with up to 80 grow lights.
  • 180x180 cm (6 x 6 ft.) Veg. Coverage | 150x150 cm (5 x 5 ft.) Flower Coverage | Samsung LM301H EVO Chips | 2688 Diodes | 730W | 2013 PPFD | ETL Cert. 5021417
  • Ships with Australian Power Cord.


An indoor plant grow light designed for grow tents and large grow spaces to improve your plant's growth rate and its yields. Utilises Samsung LM301H EVO diodes that are algorithmically spaced on a bar-style form factor to evenly distribute lighting coverage while diminishing hotspots. Its modular design enables you to remove the driver to remotely mount it away from this fixture and balance heat dissipation. This heat dissipation is supported by its steel and aluminium build, which enables magnetic mounting and is IP-65-rated to withstand humid environments. This grow light meets ETL standards (certificate #5021417) for electrical appliance safety, ensuring secure use in lighting applications. The included smart controller features schedule programming and daisy-chain support to connect more bar LED grow lights in a linear arrangement by using splitter dongles (sold separately). This product is a part of the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to integrate with each other to achieve your ideal environment.


Each IONFRAME light features genuine Samsung LM301H EVO diodes, the latest in horticulture lighting technology that emits intense brightness at greater efficiency. This performance is superior to leading Samsung LM301H and LM301B LEDs, as well as Bridgelux 3030, and other previous-generation LEDs. EVO diodes help improve plant growth by emitting greater light quality and more light output per diode, with a higher blue spectrum and greater efficiency when compared to non-EVO diodes. The IONFRAME EVO is supported by an array of (8) 395 nm UV diodes and (96) 660 nm OSRAM red diodes to complete its full spectrum light output.


The included schedule controller can automatically adjust light based on the time of day. It features 10 light intensity levels and a scheduling mode that will cyclically activate this grow light. Customise this daily cycling with an innovative sunrise and sunset setting that gradually brightens and dims the lighting to accurately replicate the sun's movement. Use this grow light with an advance UIS controller like CONTROLLER 69 PRO to fully automate it by integrating it into the UIS platform. This will enable further access to remote control over WiFi and advance programming like automation and grow recipes when connecting to the AC Infinity app.


Product Identification       Ionframe EVO8
   Manufacturer    AC Infinity Inc.
   Product Name    IONFRAME EVO8
   Product Model    AC-IF8K
   UPC Code    819137024076
   Product and Mounting Dimensions
   Light Dimensions    44.09 x 44.48 x 3.38 in. (112.0 x 113.0 x 8.6 cm)
   Driver Dimensions    7.16 x 1.57 in. (18.2 x 4.0 cm)
   Product Performance and Technical Specs
   Coverage    150x150 cm (5 x 5 ft.)
   Diodes    Samsung LM301H EVO
   Spectrum    395nm, 660nm, 3000K, 5000K
   Chip Count (Total)    2688
   Chip Count (EVO 3000K)    1720
   Chip Count (EVO 5000K)    864
   Chip Count (Seoul 395 nm)    8
   Chip Count (OSRAM 660 nm)    96
   LED Driver    SOSEN-730W
   Efficiency (Single Diode)    3.14 µmol/J
   PPFD    2013 PPFD
   Wattage    730 W
   Voltage    100-277V AC
   Frequency    50/60 Hz
   Amps    7.3 A Max.
   Controller    Schedule Controller
   Power Connector Type    Australian power plug
   Operating Humidity    35 to 85% RH
   Operating Temperature    32 to 140°F
   Waterproof Rating    IP-65
   Life Expectancy    50,000 Hours
   ETL Certification
   Installation Manual PDF  
   Product Manual
   Product Manual
   Product Manual PDF