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HLG 350 Diablo w. Reflectors

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Introducing theHLG 350 Diablo LED Grow Light from Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG), designed to revolutionise your indoor gardening experience. This powerful commercial-grade lamp effectively replaces a 600-watt HID while consuming just 330 watts of energy.

Each HLG 350 Diablo features two custom-designed Advanced Design Diablo Quantum Boards®, equipped with Samsung Full Spectrum White and Deep Red LEDs, ensuring optimum growth and yield for your plants. Its unique rectangular footprint, combined with integrated reflectors, makes this fixture perfect for flowering in compact spaces or for vegging in a large-scale commercial setting.

The integrated reflectors enhance photon distribution, resulting in superior quality yields even in the lower canopy levels. Boasting an impressive efficiency of 3.11 PPF/W, the HLG 350 Diablo LED Grow Light promises energy-saving performance without compromising on results. Upgrade to the HLG 350 Diablo and experience the difference today!

Download the HLG 350R Manual

Independent Efficiency Lab Report


This lamp ships with an RJ Jack and can be connected to the AC Infinity Controller 69 Pro using the Type B adapter from AC Infinity. 


Top Features

  • 35" wide design for even light coverage
  • Powered with high efficiency Diablo Quantum Boards® for 3.11 PPF/W
  • 1011+ PPF high output to replace even 600W HPS
  • Full spectrum white and 660nm red
  • Reliable passive-cooled design
  • Better canopy light penetration with diffused light
  • 60 to 330 Watts dimming design
  • Auto sensing Inventronics power supply works on 120VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Comes with Australian Power Plug - and Hangers for plug and play



Power 60-330 Watts
Voltage Range 120-277 VAC 50-60Hz
LED Full Spectrum White & Deep Red
Flowering Footprint 3' x 5' at 15"  / 0.91 x 1.52 M at 38 Cm Above Canopy
Veg Footprint 5' x 5' at 24”  / 1.52 x .52 M at 61 Cm Above Canopy
System PPF Efficacy 3.11 μmol/joule
Total output 1011+ PPF
Dimensions 34.5" x 10" x 2.75"  / 88 x 25.4 x 6.99 Cm
Recommended Mounting Height 15" - 24" above canopy / 38 -61 Cm
Certifications UL 8800, UL 1598, CSA

This Lamp has been made in the USA, as with all HLG Lamps.

Independent PPFD Report*

*Expect higher intensity and more even coverage in a grow tent, reflective area or a cross over with multiple lamps.

Watts to BTU Calculator, Cooling Requirement Calculator

Above backed with 5 years warranty from Quick Bloom Lights in Sydney.

ETL Listed

UL 8800, UL 1598
Certified to CSA Std C22.2#250.0