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Fans for Grow Tents & Filters

Hydro Fans and Accessories 

Growing hydroponically comes with a lot more equipment and costs than growing outdoors. However, it is a more predictable outcome, greater yields and more growing seasons per year. It’s easy to see why so many people choose hydroponics.

One thing that sometimes gets overlooked when new growers plan their operation is ventilation. It is incredibly important to keep a stable environment inside of your grow area, whether you are using a grow tent, a grow cabinet or an entire room or warehouse. Hydroponic lights, even LEDs, create a certain amount of heat that must be dissipated or else you risk burning your plants. You don’t want the room to be too cool, though – you must find the right balance, and for every grow room the exact needs are different.

Inline fans provide a perfect solution, especially if you use a grow tent. They can be attached right into the existing ducting, or installed as an after market piece of equipment. They provide the most efficient and cost effective way to cool down your grow room, and can be controlled with variable speed controllers for different levels of cooling.

Larger fans with greater CFMs should be used in larger grow rooms, especially those with HID lighting. HID lights put out much more heat than LED lighting, so they require more ventilation to avoid burning the plants. For that reason, a large grow room with LED lights may actually need less ventilation than a small room with HID lights. Keep this in mind while shopping for inline fans.