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HLG 260 XL QB V2 RSPEC Or Blue Spec

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Spectrum: HLG Red Spec 3500K /Best Veg to Flower and all round


Now with added Dimmer knob, making it easy to adjust the power on your light.

Optional Blue spec Spectrum which is aimed at Veg only, get solid veg without stretch.  Contact us for this solution. 

 Best DIY LED Grow Light in Australia - Best yield and result, get the grow light favored by tens of thousands both in Australia and USA  

260 Watt Lamp Kit. High Efficiency QB288 V2 Red spec powered with Samsung top bin Diodes and Osram Red 660NM Diodes. Suited for main light and supplement lighting. 3 ft long heatsink for a wider spread

Length:891mm, Width:205mm

Dimmable 135-285 Watts
Veg Footprint 4x4 sqft
Recommended Flower Footprint 2x4 sqft


QB288 V2- 288pcs Samsung LM301H with Red Spec



  • 2x QB288 V2 Red spec Boards Made by Samsung with LM301H LED and Osram diodes
  • 1x Slate 2 Triple Predrilled 891mm Heatsink
  • Meanwell ELG-240H LED LED Driver. 93.5% Driver Efficiency. Boards should be wired in series with the driver for maximum output
  • 240 volt Australian Plug Cable provided.
  • 2ft solid core Wire, 2x Wago Connectors for DC wiring
  • Hanger Clips


    Lamp Efficacy with QB 288 V2  2.47 µmol/J , 170Lm/W 
    Board Level Efficacy with QB 288 V2 2.63 µmol/J , 181Lm/W



    No Thermal Interface Material is required between the LED board and the heatsink.

    Remove black plug on driver and use flat head screw driver for dimming

    LED Driver color wires


    Molex Lite Trap



    Note, we are not responsible for any assembly and ask that you use a licensed electrician to assemble and install any DIY Light.

    Light comes with Australian Plug, NOT USA plug as displayed in Picture.

    Ships from our Warehouse in Sydney, Australia.

    Note, the Australian HLG 260 Ships with a ELG Meanwell - It will be Same output and quality.