While your existing grow light is a powerful lighting source that can cover most of your plant’s growth cycle, it can fall short of providing you with the absolute max yields. For every additional spot that can benefit from further light exposure, LED grow light bars can help get your setup the rest of the way there.

The IONBEAM Series is as effective as it is adaptable, capable of supporting larger setups or completely covering more condensed spaces. It also uses Samsung LM301H EVO diodes that generate luminosity and a spectrum ideal for use in grow settings. You can adjust intensity levels and set cycles using its intuitive controls, or access more programming by connecting to UIS controllers. These features, along with its unique form factor, will help improve and accelerate your grow in many applications. Here are four ways that you can best utilise these full spectrum bars in your own setup.

Humidity Dome Lighting

One of the most common uses of this and similarly shaped products is to enhance seedling growth. Setting grow light bars over your sprouts and seedlings in humidity domes will give them the support they need to grow into full-fledged plants with greater yields. These lights are compatible with our humidity domes, which are specially crafted with diode slots for the fixtures to align with. With this, the bars can seamlessly fit into place atop the lid to deliver uniform light coverage. 

Ionbeam on humidity dome

Supplemental Lighting

The IONBEAM has multiple mounting options that allow for effortless placement in grow tents to maximise your lighting potential. Its magnetic capabilities allow it to be placed squarely on any tent pole or mounting bar, with its additional magnetic bars allowing for positioning anywhere along canvas walls. Setting them at or above the canopy line at a downward angle will ensure even penetration for a consistent grow to improve yields. This balances distribution to cover typically neglected spaces such as a plant's outer edges.

Inter-Canopy Lighting

Its built-in magnetism not only enables the LED lighting to be positioned downwards from above, but also towards shaded areas where light normally cannot penetrate. Traditional lighting coverage only exposes the top layer of plants. But when placed below the top canopy, the additional lighting can reach the entire body to improve overall growth. This method helps increase yields without needing to expand your grow space.

Primary Lighting

These LED grow light strips not only provide support but can also function as a primary lighting source. Typically, one set of lights will support a medium-sized plant through its vegetative stage or a smaller plant all the way to flowering. Two sets will provide sufficient lighting to properly sustain a single medium plant through flowering. Lighting will need to be placed both above and level with the plant in this arrangement. For those working in a smaller, more compact setting that does not fit traditional grow lights, the IONBEAM’s economical size and easy installation make it an effective option.

With their clean chaining design and multiple mounting options, these grow lights offer a unique flexibility that will benefit any grow space. See for yourself how expanding your lighting capabilities with the IONBEAM Series will help improve your yields from start to finish.