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Introducing Ionframe Series: Samsung's Cutting-Edge Tech Elevates Indoor Plant Growth

AC Infinity Ionframe with Samsung Evo Diodes


Samsung’s trailblazing work in LED technology continues to impress with their latest horticultural innovations – the LM301H EVO diodes. These next-generation LEDs are setting new benchmarks for performance and energy efficiency in grow lights. Dive into the compelling advantages these diodes bring to your indoor garden.

Revolutionising Plant Illumination

At the core of Samsung’s breakthroughs is a commitment to maximising plant health. Advancing from their LM301B and H iterations, the new LM301H EVO diodes provide what might be the most harmonious light spectrum yet. A thoughtful increase in the blue spectrum complements the red, delivering a comprehensive light recipe that caters to the entire growth cycle. Whether it’s developing denser foliage during the vegetative phase or enhancing PAR output for flowering, these diodes contribute to a more vigorous and productive cultivation experience.

Unrivalled Efficiency for Sustained Growth

Beyond light quality, these EVO diodes redefine efficiency. While the previous LM301H LEDs were celebrated for their efficacy, the EVO models build upon this, being 1% more efficient. This margin, while seemingly minimal, compounds significantly when distributed across an entire LED grow light system. The result? Intense, cost-effective illumination that not only supports plant growth but also contributes to energy conservation.

Adaptable to Any Grower’s Ambitions

With such compelling features, the EVO diodes deliver unmatched adaptability for growers at all expertise levels. Whether you’re a novice enthusiast or a seasoned horticulturalist, the versatility of EVO diode-equipped grow lights supports the evolution of your indoor farming ventures. They’re designed to thrive in various settings, from compact grow tents to expansive, CO2-enriched environments, ensuring they keep pace with your growing aspirations.

Embracing EVO diode technology signifies a significant leap forward for indoor growers. As pioneers, we're excited to introduce the Ionframe Series, a testament to our commitment to innovative cultivation solutions. These bar light systems predominantly utilise Samsung’s EVO LEDs, representing a giant leap in your growing journey. Explore the Ionframe Series and let Samsung’s EVO LEDs transform your approach to plant cultivation.