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CO2 Controller, Smart Outlet Carbon Dioxide Monitor for CO2 Regulators and Inline Fans

CO2 Controller, Smart Outlet Carbon Dioxide Monitor for CO2 Regulators and Inline fans.
This unit comes with US Power plug, but accepts 240 v. So you will need to use a plug adapter to connect if used in Australia. 
  • A smart outlet controller to optimise your environment for growing by managing CO2 output and removal.
  • Supports and independently programs CO2 regulators and exhaust fans for use in indoor grow settings.
  • Custom CO2 and fan programming dynamically alternate to activate in response to carbon dioxide levels.
  • Other programming includes precision cycles, night scheduling, and environmental data tracking.
  • Advanced sensor precisely measures your grow space climate to ensure accurate readings.


An intelligent carbon dioxide controller designed to maintain proper CO2 levels in your home or grow space. By pairing this smart outlet controller with your CO2 output and exhaust system, you can create an effective environment for your plants to grow in. Equipped with two outlet plugs that are independently programmed and allow you to mix and match CO2 regulators and exhaust fans. This smart controller will alternate between CO2 and fan trigger programming to dynamically increase or decrease carbon dioxide levels, respectively. Track the state of your grow space through its state-of-the-art sensor as it delivers fast and stable readings.


In addition to CO2 and fan programming that dynamically trigger in response to changing carbon dioxide levels, this outlet controller also features cycles for customized activations. Set schedules and alarms to keep yourself on top of your grow space environment while ensuring CO2 content in your grow space stays at safe levels at night. Effectively track historical data of CO2 levels over time, featuring high and low PPM level thresholds for custom data spreads.


This smart CO2 controller includes two outlets to power and independently program CO2 regulators and exhaust fans. Able to support up to 1100W. Fit for use to monitor and adjust carbon dioxide levels in home and grow settings like greenhouses, grow rooms, grow tents, workrooms, labs, and more.

 Product Identification     CO2 Controller by AC Infinity
   Manufacturer    AC Infinity Inc.
   Product Name    CO2 CONTROLLER
   Product Model    AC-CTC7
   UPC Code    819137022997
   Product and Mounting Dimensions - Controller
   Total Dimensions    2.95 x 4.72 x 1.10 in. (7.5 x 4.72 x 2.8 cm)
   Display Size    2.53 x 2.98 in. (6.43 x 7.57 cm)
   Power Cord Length    53 in. (4.4 feet)
   Sensor Probe Length    144 in. (12 feet)
   Product Performance and Technical Specs
   Outlets    2
   Max Power Supported    1100 W
   Programming    Independent
   Sensor    Carbon Dioxide
   CO2 Range    0 - 10,000 PPM
   Operating Voltage    100 to 240V
   Power    1100 W
   Current    10 A
   Wall Adapter Input    100 to 240V AC
   Operating Humidity    35 to 85% RH
   Product Manual
   Product Manual
   Product Manual PDF