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HyperFan Controller, Climate adjuster For Hydroponic Hyper Fan

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Take Control of your Environment !
Simple and easy to use, the hyper fan climate controller is a fully digital climate controller designed for use with the Phresh filter hyper fan.
The innovative internal design means that there is no large gaps between fan speeds, meaning quieter operation and less stress on the fan.
The Hyper Climate Control is also intelligent, if it senses a change in temperature it will react accordingly, meaning it will react quickly to larger temp changes but slower to smaller changes,
The Hyper Climate Control will also record the min and max temperatures and growers can choose whether the controller displays C or F temps 

  • Operates inlet & outlet fan automatically adjusting fan speeds
  • Extremely easy to use. Just set two dials and forget!
  • Lowest energy use of any fan/filter/control system
  • Thermostatically changes the fans RPM/speed as needed
  • Constantly maintains the optimal day time temperature
  • Fan speed falls back to custom set RPM on cold nights
  • For use with EC Hyper Fans or Silenced Hyper Fans Only !
  • Includes Series 1 (2 pin) and series 2 pin (3 pin) adaptor cables