HLG V2 135 4000K Veg Light Quantum Board kit


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SKU: HLG135/4K

Spectrum: 4000K Perfect for veg and clone

HLG V2 135 4000K Veg Light Quantum Board kit is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

READY TO ASSEMBLE 135W DIY LED BOARD KIT By Horticulture Lighting Group.

135 Watt Lamp Kit. High Efficiency QB288 V2 powered with Samsung top bin Diodes. Suited for main light and supplement lighting.

Dimmable  60-150Watts
Veg Footprint 3x3 sqft
Recommended Flower Footprint 2x2 sqft
Max Flower Footprint 2x3 sqft


QB288 V2- 288pcs Samsung 301B


  • QB288 Board. Made by Samsung with 301B LED
  • 1x Slate 2 Predrilled 340mm Heatsink
  • Meanwell HLG-120H-54A LED Driver. 93.5% Driver Efficiency
  • 6FT Nema 5-15P 16/3 SJTW NA Power Cord or equivalent for standard 120VAC with cable connector (AU Cord incl. Not USA)
  • 2ft solid core Wire, 2x Wago Connectors for DC wiring
  • Hanger Clips
Lamp Efficacy with QB 288 V2 2.41 µmol/J , 166Lm/W

Board Level Efficacy with QB 288 V2 2.58 µmol/J , 177.5Lm/W


You can dim light by turning the screw with a flathead - turn only the Lo button NOT the Vo. 

TIps and Review for installing by LED Gardner.

No Thermal Interface Material is required between the LED board and the heatsink.

Remove black plug on driver and use Philips head screw driver for dimming

LED Driver color wires


Molex Lite Trap



Light comes with Australian Plug, NOT USA plug as displayed in Picture.

Ships from our Warehouse in Sydney, Australia.

12 Month Warranty on this light is offered parts, not assembly. Always use a professional electrician for assembly and installing. Quick Bloom Lights does not encourage any one to put these kits together without an electrician as required by law.


 NOTE This light also available with the new updated Red Spec boards, promoting better flower and a capable light from Veg to bloom.

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