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HLG Elite 360 From Horticulture Lighting Group

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The HLG ELITE is a 370 watt LED grow light designed to replace a 315W CMH or 600-watt HPS.

orders accepted - currently 1-2 weeks delivery time  please contact for detail  comes with USA plug But accepting 240 voltage 

The ELITE 360 is powered with Horticulture Lighting Group's custom-designed high-efficiency full-spectrum white LEDs, boosted with red and deep red.

Designed and made in the USA for greenhouses and indoor horticulture.

Top Features

  • 315 CMH/600W HPS replacement
  • Light output: 754 PPF
  • High-efficiency white LEDs with 630nm red and 660nm deep red 
  • Reliable passively-cooled design
  • Full spectrum for better leaf and canopy penetration
  • Compact size minimizes shadows when used in greenhouses
  • Ideal for Veg and Bloom
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Designed and made in USA



HLG Elite 360


Wattage draw: 370 watts

HID equivalent: 315 CMH or 600 watt HPS

LEDs: White + Red (630nm) + Deep Red (660nm)

    PPF: 754 umol/s

      PAR efficacy: 2.04 umol/j

      Coverage area:

      • Veg: 4' x 4'
      • Flower: 3' x 3' or 2' x 4'

      Thermal management: Passive cooling

      Weight: 14.5 Lbs or 6.5 KG

      Dimensions: 26” x 6” x 4”

      Operating/input voltage: 110-277VAC; 50Hz-60Hz

      Wet rating: IP65

      Product includes:

      • Complete fixture
      • Metal hanging clips

      Recommended for:

      • Grow tents
      • Grow rooms
      • Greenhouses
      • Vegetative growth and/or flowering
      • Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower
      • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

      Manufacturer's warranty: 3-years