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The Right LED Grow Lights For The Serious Grower

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QBL LED COB Grow Lights

QBL 4 - COB LED Grow Light, 435 Watt - 800 Watt HID Equivalent

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QBL 4 LED COB Grow Light 

The QBL 4 by Quick Bloom Lights, features the latest in COB LED Light Technology, providing you full spectrum grow lights, with use from Seedling, Veg to Flower. Offers MAXIMUM PAR OUTPUT for $with 916 umol/m2/s at center of footprint at 24" !

The Purpose developed Super-Convex Focus Lens optimizes penetration of Canopy enhancing growth and yield. 

QBL 4 has been CE And ROHS approved - most grow lights sold rarely passes any test or regulation, and can cause a serious risk of fire or electrocution. Make sure your light has real backing.

QBL 4 Features:

  • 4 x 90 Watt COB Bridgelux & Epileds.
  • 25 x 5 Watt Bridgelux  LED Diodes
  • Super-Convex Lens Focus, Glass material, for better Canopy penetration and heat resistance.
  • Hanging Kit and Australian Power Cord.
  • 100 % Adjustable Spectrum thru dimmers on Side.
  • 5 Years Manufacturers Warranty.
  • CE, ROHS Approved. 
  • 13 Bands (380NM - 760NM & White), Full PAR Spectrum Incl. Far Red (lower end) and near UV

QBL 6 Light Spectrum


Model: QBL 4 

Power output: 435 watts (draws max 300watt from wall)

HID equivalent: 800 watts


  • 4 x 90-watt BridgeLUX & Epileds COB ( Chip-On-Board )
  • 25 x 3-watt supplemental Bridgelux 

Optics: Super-Convex Lens Focus Technology - BEST IN CLASS

    Spectrum: Full-spectrum - Dimmable Power to Suit all plant stages and strains.

    PAR Output: 916 umol/m2/s at center of footprint at 24"

    Coverage area: 

    • Veg: 7' x 3'    Or 213 x 91 CM
    • Flower: 5' x 3 1/2'   Or 152 x 106 CM

    Thermal management: 2 x cooling fans, heatsinks

    Daisy chain: No

    Operating/input voltage: 85v-260v AC; 50Hz-60Hz

    Dimensions: 430x275x58MM

    Weight: 5.5 KGS

    Recommended height above canopy: 

    • Veg: 24"-36"  
    • Flower: 18"-24"   

    Product includes: LED fixture, 240v power cord, dual channels (COBs or 3W arrays), heavy duty hanging cables, hanging hooks

    Additional info: IP45, CE, RoHS  

    Recommended for:

    • Grow tents
    • Grow rooms
    • Full-cycle growing from seedling, Veg to flower
    • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

    Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years

    Par Readings at various heights


    QBL 4 PAR Value COB LED



    Use of Dimmers :

         Seedling :  Turn on Seedling dimmer; Leave others Off
         Vegetation:  Turn on Seedling & Veg dimmers; Leave Bloom Dimmer Off.
         Bloom:  Turn on Seedling & Veg & Bloom dimmers.
         80%-100% for seedling cycle, 80%-100% for veg cycle, 100% for bloom cycle.



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    Best LED Grow Lights and Hydroponic Supplies

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    Optic LED Lights  No Longer available / Manufacturers Warranty
    Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) - Manufacturers 3 Year Warranty - DIY Kits 1 Year Warranty.
    QBL By Quick Bloom  - 3 Year Warranty.
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