Saber 100 Light Bar By HLG, driver included ready to connect


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SKU: Saber100

The Saber 100 Diy kit includes all you need to set up an extra light or veg bar in ten minutes. Nothing extra needed.

 This Veg and supplemental LED Grow Light from Horticulture Lighting Group HLG is one powerful LED Light. Use it to fill the gap in your current room or even get a few and use it as your primary light, yes it is that powerful. From Veg to flower this LED Light bar will add the extra power in your room to maximise yield and product. 

HLG SABER 100 Veg and Supplemental Light LED Light Bar

High efficiency waterproof LED BAR designed for DIY projects. Each board can be powered up to 120 watts. Passive cooled 36V design and 4ft length provides a great spread with minimal shadows.


  • 1x HLG SABER 100 BAR
  • Hanger
  • 1 x Driver ELG-100-36A-3Y
  • Australian Power Plug and connector
  • 2 x Wago connectors 


  • 220pcs Samsung LM301B LED and 10 High power Deep Red LED
  • 4ft Cable to connect power and power supply included.
  • Max 36V DC. Max current  3200mA
  • 44 inches length


4 x 2 ft Veg

4 x 2 ft Flower 2x SABER 100
4 x 4 ft Veg 2x SABER 100
4 x 4 ft Flower 5x SABER 100
5 x 5 ft Veg 3x SABER 100
5 x 5 ft Flower 6x SABER 100


Note this LED Light Bar has some Light DIY Electrical assembly needed. As per law you need to use a licensed electrician to connect. We have provided all you need to set this light up out of the box, Australian power supply and Wagos incl. hangers. 10 min. Light assembly. 


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