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Optic LED Optic 3 Dimmable COB LED Grow Light 170W

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         CREE COB CXB Series Optic 3 fixture pulls a max wattage of 170 watts and Flowers a 3' x 3' or 2' x 4' area. 2x Optic 3 COB LED Fixture Flowers a 4' x 4' with some of the best PAR spread of any LED fixtures on the market today. White Light Full Spectrum COB is ideal for flowering cannabis and achieving massive yields. This Fixture comes with Manual Dimmer, remote & 220/240v inputs for up to 5 units daisy chained together. 

Using the latest lighting technology, the USA made CREE CXB3070 COB that is specifically designed for horticultural lighting.

Powered by Meanwell HLG series.

Carefully selected full spectrum to easily meet the different light requirements needed by plant at each growth stage.

Unique, toughened and ultra-clear optical lens guarantees high light transmittance up to 97%, no energy waste.

Unique dimming: centralized system optimal light distribution.

Perfect heat management, cool to touch.

Maximum power consumption: 170W.

Energy efficiency: 1.73 μmol / J (40% more efficient than HPS).

2 Optic LED panels are equivalent to a 600W HID bulb.

                                  Yields up to 1.7gram / W.


                      600W HPS            2x Optic 3             3x Optic 3

Canopy Temp       81.0 F                    75.9 F                 76.2 F

Canopy Distance  19.68"                  11.81"                11.81"

Total Light         1150(umol/s)    4006 (umol/s)      6009 (umol/s)

Average Light    331 (umol/s)         442 (umol/s)      639 (umol/s)

Max Light Zones  560 PPF            1347 PPF            1564 PPF

Efficiency         .49 PPFD/W        1.34 PPFD/W     1.29 PPFD/W

Yield                 0.6-0.8 gr/W       1.3 - 1.7 gr/W      1.1 - 1.6 gr/W

Weight              360-500 gr           400-530 gr           500-750 gr

The medicinal quality increases, the aroma and the taste improve thanks to the white LED grow technology.

Manual current dimmer with each panel.

 Optic LED panel’s Spectrum perfectly match the McCREEs ACTION SPECTRUM which has been proved to be the best spectrum for a grow light.


                                        PAR readings of Optic 3.


Optic 3 Specifications:

Power Consumption: 170W

Dimension: 690 x 190 x 115mm

Packaging(L*W*H)/ BOX: 815 x 270x 355/2 pcs

Weight: 5KG

Daisy Chain: up to 5 units

AC Input Voltage: AC100V 265v/50-60Hz

Protection: Overheating Protection

Power Factor: Over 95%

Spectrum/ Color Ration: Sun Spectrum

LED True Watts: COB (50W)/PCS

Light Source: CREE CXB3070 AD

Total Number of LED's: CXB3070 COB/ 3PCS

Dimmability: 1-100 remote or manual

Coverage Footprint: 

Vegetative: 4' x 4'

Flower: 3' x 3' or 2' x 4'

Lamp Control: PWM System, Remote (free with 2 units+) & Manual mode

Heat Management: PCB / 2.0MM Aluminum heatsink

Heat conduction: 2.0w/m.k

Life Span: Over 50,000 hours & 3 year Manufacturer warranty

Certifications: Standard, CE, RoHS

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